InEpact AB

Sumei Gu

Vice President

Sumei joined InEpact in 2020 as VP. She holds an M.Sc. in Statistics and a BA in Economics. Sumei has ample experience in data management, espeically in marketing research, providing tailored statistical models to pinpoint new potential customers for a variety of companies. Sumei´s background in data management enables her to effectively oversee internal operations, maximize the company’s operating performance, and help achieve its financial goals. Her experience with the market allows her to understand and support her team in marketing and building strong customer relationships. 

Kieron Loy

Group Marketing and Sales Manager

Kieron joined InEpact late 2020 as Group Marketing and Sales Manager. He has previously worked in a wide span of industries including, electrical, electronics, plastics, pulp and paper, and railroad maintenance equipment. He holds an MBA, a diploma in International Marketing, CIM, and a diploma in Industrial Management, IIM. The combination of marketing, sales, manufacturing and management training, and years of hands-on field experience, enables him to successfully develop products, client base and create influential networks internationally.

Henrik Amcoff​


Henrik joined InEpact in 2019 as Mechanical Design Engineer and is responsible for the mechanical and system design of the power box units. He has developed the power box units with a team of process engineers, electrical engineers, and field technicians to meet all current requirements and to suit every possible situation. Henrik has worked as a mechanical engineer since 1992 in different areas such as mechanical design, process industry and bioenergy applications. In the HEMOS project, he is working on adapting and integrating the InEpact power box units into available spaces in the ship.