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LTH-Baas is a world-leading cruise ship-building contractor and maritime engineering company whose roots go back to 1934. The company has an excellent record of accomplishments in marine floating structures engineering, complicated environmental systems design, and large-scale complex project management and implementation worldwide. During the last years, the company’s main engineering efforts have been directed towards Green Shipping initiatives. LTH-Baas received an innovation award from one of the top cruise companies in the world Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines in 2018 for the development and integration of innovative exhaust gas cleaning systems. LTH-Baas became the company of the year in Estonia in 2019 and is the initiator as well as the coordinator of the HEMOS project.
The University of Naples Federico II is the oldest public university in the world (founded in 1224) in continuous operation. UNINA has recognized expertise in various disciplines and consists of various schools and 26 departments with more than 2300 professors and/or researchers. It is one of the largest in the country with an academic staff of more than 3000 individuals and an administrative staff of more than 4 500, whereas the current student enrolment is about 100 000 in total, being the third university in Italy by the number of students enrolled. Despite its size, the University Federico II is still one of the best universities in Italy and in the world, being particularly notable for its research quality – in 2015 it was ranked among the top 100 universities in the world by citations per paper. In October 2016 the University hosted the first ever Apple IOS Developer Academy and in 2018 the Cisco Digital Transformation Laboratory.
Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II (University of Naples Federico II)
InEpact AB, Generating Emission Free Electric Power. InEpact transforms low temperature waste heat from marine, industry and geothermal sources into clean electricity. A large portion of the world’s energy consumption can be supplied by waste heat and geothermal sources. In the next few decades, renewable energy production, and efficient and smart energy use, will increasingly dominate the energy systems around the world. The companies that will be able to adapt to change and use innovative technologies where it makes sense will be successful players in this new and greener field. InEpact is a part of this transformation by delivering innovative,proven solutions. Based on their unique, patented rotor machine technology, they are already developing the energy systems of tomorrow and installing them for customers all over the globe.
Baltic Innovation Agency (BIA) provides innovation, business development and technology transfer services to companies and startups aiming for growth, and to public and third sector organizations. In addition to consulting services, they also initiate and develop projects in their core fields of expertise: innovation (developing new products and services, business model innovation, social innovation), sustainable and green economic growth, startup ecosystem development, cluster development, and smart city solutions. To drive innovation, BIA offers the development of innovative ideas, innovation audits, strategic and business planning, business model development, international technology offers and requests, partner searches, matchmaking events, and training. In HEMOS, BIA is the primary dissemination, business support and exploitation partner. BIA has a good track record of working on similar activities in previous (international) cooperation projects. Altogether, BIA has implemented more than 50 international cooperation projects with more than 20 years of experience in innovation management and business development.