Ingrit Lillemäe-Avi

Project Manager

Ingrit is a HEMOS Project Manager. She is a Naval Architect and D.Sc. in marine technology. At Aalto University, she dealt with the energy efficiency issues from the ship structures point of view throughout her doctoral studies and postdoctoral research period. In addition to LTH Baas, she has also worked as an engineer in Deltamarin and Meyer Turku shipyard, giving her a good overall experience in the shipbuilding business from newbuild to retrofit.

Ken Martti Järvekald

Administrative Support

Ken is a young Project and Business Development Manager at LTH-Baas, currently focusing mainly on renewable energy and greener shipping projects. He will be in charge of the administrative and exploitation side of the HEMOS project, ensuring that each and every member of the team and partner can do their R&D smoothly without distractions.

Martin Jõgeva

Engineering Support

Martin is Naval Architect by trade but greater part of his career he has been leading large-scale cruise ship retrofit and newbuild projects. He is excited to employ his academic skills and marine experience to contribute to HEMOS project’s success and decarbonisation of shipping industry in general.

Edvin Reinhold

Engineering Support

Edvin has more than 7 years of experience in ship retrofit projects, especially with exhaust gas cleaning systems and other ship machinery related projects. He is looking forward to implement his knowledge in practical and rational design of ship systems to retrofit new and innovative solutions for HEMOS project and throughout future ship retrofitting to make shipping more efficient and clean.