The HEMOS general assembly took place in Naples from the 15th–16th of November 2022. The busy two-day event was hosted by the University of Naples Federico II (UNINA) and marked the completion of 6 project months out of 36.

During the assembly, partners shared the preliminary results of the first project semester. “We are delighted to say that we are smoothly sailing towards the decarbonisation of the shipping industry,” said professor Annamaria Buonomano from the UNINA, who presented the promising results of data analysis following months of hard work. „What we have learned is already very encouraging, and we are confident that thanks to the dynamic optimisation algorithms we are developing, shipowners will benefit from significant fuel savings and lower emissions in the future.” The whole consortium was thrilled with the milestones achieved so far.

HEMOS scientists are currently studying the topology of an existing heat energy system, the operating logic and the current use of waste heat on an actual cruise ship. This data will enable them to develop a simulation tool capable of dynamically assessing and optimising the vessel’s energy demand and the system energy fluxes. Through reconfiguring heat energy flow between consumers, producers and new waste heat recovery technology, HEMOS aims to reach an estimated 14% increase in energy efficiency. 

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